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    The nomination period for the 2024 President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition Awards is open! · The 2024 Council Awards recognize individuals or organizations that have contributed in various ways to the advancement or promotion of physical activity, fitness, sports, or ...

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    That sounds like fun, we would definitely be interested! Our summer camps will be in session then. ------------------------------ Heidi Hugh Leisure Services Administrative Assistant Pinellas Park Leisure Services Pinellas Park FL (727)369-5700 ------------------------------

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    Following we have a sign that states Basketball shoes but we are finding this needs to be worded differently with the ever popular "all sport mode crocs" we are thinking "closed heal and toes shoes required" would help dwindle down the counter points ------------------------------ Kyle Lasek Parks ...

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    Connor, Our procedure is that non-profit agencies that can produce their 501 certificate will receive a 50% discount when requested. There is no need to get additional approval. Agencies requesting free use of facilities must partner with the Parks and Recreation Department to become a host for ...

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    2025 TB Rays Days

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    We have been contacted by the Tampa Bay Rays about their 2025 Park and Rec days. One of the options they have is a game that takes place July 2nd, a Wednesday in 2025. The questions they/we have is are there camps in session that week and would you possibly plan a field trip that week? Thank you ...

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