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    This is great news for our communities! Congratulations on this historic Bill. Mark Cagle Mark Cagle, MS, CPRE, AFO, CYSA Youth Center Supervisor William "Bill" Austen Youth Center Youth Services & Eagle Skate Park P: 239-242-3953 Ext: 3953 | F: ...

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    Hello,  We are hoping to find a great facility cleaning checklist that could be utilized for our custodians cleaning multiple facilities in our City. Does anyone have one that they could share? Your attention to this inquiry is greatly appreciated! ------------------------------ Best Regards, Jean ...

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    Good job and congratulations! ------------------------------ J T Almon Founder Rep Services, Inc Longwood FL (407) 831-9658 (230) ------------------------------

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    Adult Softball

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    ​Good Morning, We are gearing up to host our Adult Fall Softball Season and are looking into any rule changes that other areas have enforced due to COVID.  Teams want to come back to play but we want to be sure we are doing our best to ensure the safety of all players. Thank you, Jamie ------------------------------ ...

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    Good morning and great day friends, This is amazing news and many huge thanks go out to Eleanor and Lester for carrying this torch so many years for all of us. I was explaining to some friends last night the significance of this act and that this is of true significance...I'm a little disappointed ...

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