• Central Florida Education Meeting

    Feb 4, 09:00 - 15:00 (ET)
    Education Meeting: 0.4 CEUs Topics include: Adapting Recreation and Leisure Activities Through Inclusion Inclusive Park Designs and Concepts Opportunities for Adaptive Sports in Your Community with Hands on activity
    Tampa, FL, United States

  • Virtual Education: The 3 C’s of a Strong Team: Coordination, Cooperation, Collaboration

    Feb 8, 13:00 - 14:15 (ET)
    Marie Knight Elevating your team to a high performing team means that you must create a culture that nurtures the progression through the Three C’s: Coordination, Cooperation, and Collaboration.  Participants will learn the difference between the Three C’s and their role in daily operations and walk away with a road map of how to take your team from the lowest level of interaction – Coordination, to the highest-level Collaboration. Learning Objectives Learn the difference between the Three Cs and your role in daily operations Walk away with a roadmap of how to take your team form the lowest level of interaction, Coordination, to the highest level, Collaboration.  Learn about the three Cs.

  • Park Management Institute

    Feb 10 - 11, (ET)
    The management of parks and other public areas by trained professionals is perhaps the first line of defense in the protection of these spaces and the appropriate use of them. FRPA’s Park Management Institute is an intensive and comprehensive learning journey designed for those responsible at the senior level leadership in the parks field. Thanks to our sponsors City of St Petersburg Parks and Recreation Makita Greenfields Outdoor Fitness
    St. Petersburg, FL, United States

  • Virtual Education: The Great Resignation – How to effectively retain and attract talent.

    Feb 15, 13:00 - 14:15 (ET)
    Carolina Vester, Community Recreation Assistant Director Coral Gables Community Recreation  Post pandemic, companies and organizations across the country are struggling with record-high vacancies due to a dramatic increase in people quitting their jobs and challenges with attracting and retaining talent. This session is designed to provide organizations with tools on how to best approach a compensation study to increase wages and at identifying what employees need from the organization and leadership to inspire them to stay. Learning Objectives Identify tools and techniques to further your skills Identify tools on how to best approach a compensation study to increase wages. Deep dive into the five basic employee needs to inspire them to stay. What questions to ask from your workforce to start stronger and wiser in 2022.

  • Certified Playground Safety Inspector Course and Exam (VIRTUAL) - ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSED

    Feb 21 - 23, (ET)
    ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSED - this course is full. Additional options can be found at

  • Virtual Education: Living in Extraordinary (Stressful) Times and Why Resiliency Matters

    Mar 2, 13:00 - 14:15 (ET)
    Lori A. Hoffner Every single organization must deal with issues and events that are beyond their control, unfortunately many of those are distressing. These events can test us all at a very personal and human level and yet, we believe that we should be able to “pull ourselves up by the bootstraps” and continue on. However, because workplace turbulence has increased, so has the focus on resilience. Increasingly, teams need to adapt quickly and operate in uncertainty, while still managing high job demands. The current pandemic and social unrest have only increased the pace at which this is happening. Teams need ways to sustain their effectiveness and relevance in this environment without comprising physical and psychological health. An organization’s viability depends on the agility of both its operating systems and people to create sustainable solutions – for the business, for its people, and for the community served. Learning Objectives Explore the three different levels of trauma and how they affect individuals differently. Outline a plan to create a help-seeking environment that supports staff at all levels. Identify steps of recovery that include resiliency for the staff, the organization and the community served. Sponsored by: 

  • Virtual Education: Appropriate Fertilization in Florida Soils

    Mar 10, 10:00 - 11:15 (ET)
    Tina McIntyre, M.S., CEP, FCHP,   Florida Friendly Landscaping Extension Agent Leisure Services Department | University of Florida/IFAS Extension Seminole County Fertilizing effectively is not only critical to having good turf, resilient to foot traffic and environmental factors, it is important to preserving our waterways. This session will teach participants the elements of proper fertilization and the University of Florida IFAS best management practices that go along with that. Learning Objectives Understand the best management practices involved with proper fertilization Understand the impacts inappropriate fertilization can have on local waterways and stormwater Be able to identify and select appropriate fertilizers

  • Virtual Education: Poking the Bear: Finding the soft spots on your team and making them stronger

    Mar 15, 13:00 - 14:15 (ET)
    Marie Knight As leaders we need to be constantly evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of our team in order to determine where and when change is needed to help us to achieve the greatest success possible.  Participants will learn to identify the various “Soft Spots” of weakness on their team, and be provided with an outlined approach to turning things around from the inside out. Learning Objectives Learn to identify the soft spots of weakness on your team.  Receive an outlined approach to turn things around from the inside out. Identify when change is needed.

  • Southeast Turf Rodeo

    Mar 24, 07:00 - 14:00 (ET)
    Information to come
    Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

  • Southeast Florida Education Meeting

    Mar 30, 08:00 - 15:00 (ET)
    Information to come
    Port St. Lucie, FL, United States

  • Agency Summit

    Apr 7 - 8, (ET)
    The Agency Summit is an annual time for agency directors and assistant directors to come together to share in education and networking. This year we will visit The Villages and take a look at this wonderfully active community and all it has to offer its residents. Watch for more information about education opportunities and discounted leisure activity offers in the area such as golf and the Brownwood Spa. Registration coming soon
    The Villages, FL, United States

  • Virtual Education: Plant This Not That: Avoiding Invasive Species in the Landscape

    Apr 12, 10:00 - 11:15 (ET)
    Tina McIntyre, M.S., CEP, FCHP,   Florida Friendly Landscaping Extension Agent Leisure Services Department | University of Florida/IFAS Extension Seminole County Are you or your staff confused about what plants to select from the distributer? Putting the right plant in the right place is critical! From avoiding invasive species to selecting plants that will thrive and contribute to a beautiful environment, plant selection is no easy task. This class will cover which plants will work best in your park, regardless of your site conditions and explore why invasive species are never the right plant to install. Learning Objectives Identify appropriate plants for their site conditions Learn what plants can become invasive and a management nightmare Be taught about the true cost of invasive species

  • Virtual Education: What’s on the Horizon; Everything from Y to Z

    Apr 26, 13:00 - 14:15 (ET)
    Lori A. Hoffner A workplace with multiple generations continues with the incoming Generation Z. Understanding the dynamics of this younger group gives you a better opportunity for retention of members of this generation either as staff or as a consumer. Together we will learn the similarities and differences between the Gen Y/Millennials and the up-and-coming Gen Z generations. Better understand how today’s young adults, teens and youth think and behave in order to benefit your organization. We will discuss trends in education, employment and the offline experience and how it impacts the way the younger generations interact in the “real world”. You’ll learn how to create an environment of cooperation and open-mindedness that will help you communicate across these unique and powerful groups. Learning Objectives Discuss the nuances of a Xennial, Millennial, and Gen Z and why understanding both the differences and similarities within those generations provides invaluable awareness for retention. Outline effective leadership styles and the power of mentor relationships in the workplace for both the younger Millennial and Gen Z. Define personal or individualized branding and why it’s important for staffing and customers that are a part of the younger generations. Sponsored by: 

  • Virtual Education: Stoicism x Resiliency

    May 5, 13:00 - 14:15 (ET)
    Matt David, Operations Manager & Project Consultant Farrell Buller, Principal Consultant - Cost Recovery & Change Management 110% Learning Objectives Coming Soon Sponsored by: 

  • Southeast Region Education Meeting

    May 20, 08:00 - 15:00 (ET)
    Information to Come
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL, United States

  • Virtual Education: Investing in Me: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Contented Life

    May 25, 13:00 - 14:15 (ET)
    Regina Novak,   Health Educator & Financial Coach RCM Financial Coaching Self care is not selfish-it is essential. We may be called to serve others, but if we do not first serve ourselves, our health and well being suffers. This impacts us, our close relationships and the people we serve. In this virtual education session, we will explore how to truly care for our total self and grow into the best version of ourselves, personally and professionally. Learning Objectives Define and describe what true wellbeing entails and how our mental health impacts every other area of wellbeing. Explore myths surrounding self-care, mental health and wellbeing and how we can bust these myths to support ourselves, our colleagues and the people we serve. Discuss the consequences of not investing in ourselves, how to check in regularly with ourselves to assess “how we are” and discover ways we can intentionally plan self-care into our daily lives. Sponsored by: