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    It takes a lot of time, energy and money to add a significant piece to the community puzzle. That's why it is important to share your work with your peers by placing your project in the FRPA Journal's Facility Showcase. This special section is featured in the Winter edition of The FRPA Journal Each ...

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    Has anyone been using ADA access mats for beaches? Are there any pros? cons? additional maintenance? Thanks! ------------------------------ Tina Powell Parks and Natural Resouces Manager Charlotte Co Community Services Dept. Punta Gorda FL (941) 833-3817 ------------------------------

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    I am researching policies and procedures pertaining to safety, situational awareness, and protocol on perimeter checks. Do any of your Departments have policies or procedures to share? Does your Department provide training for staff related to the above topics? What is covered in your training? Thank ...

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    Skateboard/BMX Park

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    Our City's Strategic Plan has tasked us with proposing a new Extreme Park to our City Council. We are seeking assistance from a City/County who recently developed and opened a Skateboard/BMX Park. Specifically, we are looking for a project timeline, construction budget, business plan, operating ...

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    [New York Times, March 12, 2017] Parks make all the difference in some neighborhoods. Chicago and Philadelphia have this figured out. We want every Philadelphian to be able to walk to a place that says, You are worth it, Ms. [Kathryn Ott] Lovell explained. More ------------------------------ Charla ...

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