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    Hi Sean, Legislation was passed in New Hampshire to establish a Recreation Revolving Fund.  This allows funds to be set aside outside of the regular operating budget and does not disappear at the end of the fiscal year.  There are regulations pertaining to what the funds can be used for, but something ...

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    In Valparaiso, Indiana, we added a donation option to the utility bill for park trees.  People had to sign a document to opt in and they choose a set amount.  It appeared on their bill as a recurring fee for 12 months.  I helped set it up, but moved shortly thereafter.  If you would like a contact in ...

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    This topic got pushed to the back burner so to speak with all the other great discussions so I wanted to try and pull it back up front. We would be very interested to know if any communities in Florida (or even aware of somewhere outside of the state) that have something like this in place: a parks & ...

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    My question to everyone is what does their organization's social media policy define as a "Social Media/Network?"  Our current policy is to broad in what is defined.  There are programs and services out there that I feel could be defined as a notification service and not a "Social Media/Network."  What ...

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    We have taken our seniors on several of these types of trips.  We aren't providing the alcohol and the servings they are given are very small samples from the locations if they are given any at all.  If they choose to purchase any on their own to consume at the venue, they would have the same level of ...

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