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2022 Information

Professionals new to supervisory positions, or those ready to assume a supervisory role within their organization.  Applicants should have been identified as a skilled and capable professional ready to assume the first time leadership role in their organization.  Must minimally be at the level of comprehension and understanding identified in the pre-requisite content areas of the program.   

Program Intent:  This is an intensive learning journey and requires focused attention to the curriculum.  This is not intended to be a series of educational sessions, but a learning journey where content is connected and builds on each week’s learning.  Individuals with excess of three years’ supervisory experience may not be a good fit for this program. Content areas are those aligned with the national certification plan and national accreditation program for parks and recreation agencies. The content areas identified are through to the Abrahams-Jones Academy.

Delivery Format and Attendance Requirements:  This program is delivered in a virtual environment, and applicants must have access to the Zoom meetings platform, and have a computer with a camera and microphone.  Applicants are expected to be in attendance on the Zoom meeting as if they were in-person at an education session.  Applicants cannot be performing regular work duties while attending Institute programs.  The Institute requires a commitment from the individual attendee and the attendee’s supervisor that time will be allocated for the attendee to be fully present and attentive during sessions. 

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